How to Tie Up Your Submissive Escort

Whenever you decide to learn how to tie up your submissive escort, it is important to understand that this process is not something you can perform at home.

How to Tie Up Your Submissive Escort

How to Tie Up Your Submissive Escort

It is important to find a professional escort to take care of the entire process for you. The escort will be in charge of setting the boundaries, and you should follow her instructions.

One of the most common and popular methods of restraining your submissive escorts is the Japanese torture position. The submissive is bound in this position, and all four limbs are tied together behind her back. The Japanese torturing position is a 300-year-old torture technique.

One of the first accessories that a dominant escort might have is a whip. The whip gives the submissive a powerful and sexual feeling. It also gives the master/mistress control of the situation. Usually, a whip is attached to a belt around the submissive’s waist. This gives the submissive an excellent opportunity to explore her body. It is also very easy to use.

Another common technique is the over-arm tie. The over-arm tie is one of the easiest bondage techniques and can be used for tickling games. It is also a great way to warm up. You can also use it as a sexual foreplay technique. You can also tie your submissive’s wrists behind her back.

You can use other restraints as well. You can buy restraints that can be placed under your bed. You can also purchase spreaders that will help keep your submissive’s legs separated. This also makes the restraining process more comfortable.

If you are a woman, you can also try using crotch ties. This is a popular technique used by female submissive. Basically, you are tying your submissive’s crotch area together. These ties are also known as frog ties. They are easy to tie, and you will feel comfortable doing it. However, you need to ensure that you do not tie your submissive too tight.

Another restraining technique is kinbaku. This is a Japanese art form that has made its way into the western world. Kinbaku is usually made of hessian and cotton rope. It is very soft and requires some special techniques to be performed properly. It is an art that takes years to perfect. The rope must be at least 7 meters long. It can be made of hemp or nylon, and is skin-friendly. You can learn a few knots to use with kinbaku.

Some people also use leg ties. These tie the submissive’s calf and thighs together. These ties are heavier than wrist ties. They are also undeniably beautiful. The leg ties are great for tying the submissive up while they are sitting on the floor.

These are only some of the most popular methods of bondage. You can learn more about them at BoundJocks. They have a tutorial that demonstrates each step of the process. You can also watch a tutorial by Kitty Rea on Manatawa. You can also watch a tutorial on breast bondage at Pulse and Cocktails.

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